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We are proud to announce:

Jeffrey Dane and Rod Timanus won the 2014 Elmer Kelton Book Award for best Non-Fiction book. Presented by the Academy of Western Artists.

We are proud to announce:

W. Hock Hochheim won the Beverly Hills Book Award for Best Military Fiction in 2013 with My Gun is My Passport.

K.A. Plouffe won the Beverly Hills Book Award for Best Visionary Fiction in 2013 with Annie's Odyssey.

  • Ed Stowers was a Finalist in the Beverly Hills Book Awards for the Western category with Ride a Lonely Wind.
  • Please join us in congratulating these writers by posting your thoughts and reviews at Amazon or dropping them a note on Facebook.
  • These writers are available by appointment to speak at your event. If you would like them to speak, please contact them via the email address below.

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Lauric Press is designed for people who have completed their book and they need or want it published now, not years from now.

Do you have a book that you need to publish now? Maybe it's about issues related to current events. Maybe it contains training information or educational information that you think has value to a specific audience. Or maybe it's a work of fiction that's been turned down by other publishers because they just don't want to take a chance on a new author or you don't quite fit their formula. Maybe it's a book that you once published with another publishing house, but the rights have reverted back to you, and now with all the distribution opportunities out there, you feel republishing the work could generate additional income or might stimulate interest in works you have placed with other publishers. Maybe you've written a book about your business, your sport, or your life and know you have a built in audience already-- if you could just get the book printed or e-published. Or you have the manuscript completed, but can't seem to find the time to send out those letters to editors and agents who might find your work interesting and publishable. If any of this sounds familiar, then you may be a good fit for Lauric Press.

Recent Publications




Sundown Seasons (Book)

Sundown Seasons (Kindle)

Dorothy Holderbaum



Annie's Odyssey (Book)

Annie's Odyssey (Kindle)

K.A. Plouffe


Native American Artifacts of Wisconsin (Book)

Native American Artifacts of Wisconsin (Download)

Paul Schanen

Dave Hunzicker

Don't Even Think About It (Book)

Don't Even Think About It (Kindle)

W. Hock Hochheim



Ride a Lonely Wind (Book)

Ride A Lonely Wind (Kindle)

Ed Stowers


Drums of the Dark Forest (Book)

Drums of the Dark Forest (Kindle)

Ed Stowers

Be Bad Now (Book)

Be Bad Now (Kindle)

W. Hock Hochheim



Creating Texas - A Brief History of the Revolution (Book)

Creating Texas - A Brief History of the Revolution (Kindle)

Jeffrey Dane

Rod Timanus

(If you like "Texas Rising Series," you'll love Creating Texas!)

My Gun Is My Passport (Book)

My Gun is My Passport (Kindle)

W. Hock Hochheim


Blood Rust (Book)

Blood Rust (Kindle)

W. Hock Hochheim